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Tal's Camel

This post is more serious than my usual, so be prepared for something sadder than typical.

Tal was a young lady born and raised in Haifa, my hometown. On March 5th, 2003 she was killed by a suicide bomber on a bus she was on. *

Two days before she was killed, she wrote in her diary:

People tend to disregard happiness, And I think I know why. Because, when you are happy you don’t care why, And you do not deal with it too much. But when you are sad, you think of it and analyze Why you are sad, Instead of let it be, let it go and be happy again. I’m happy with no reason and I’m proud of it.
Tal Kehrmann - March 3rd, 2003

She also drew in her diary, her favourite animal:

The words "wither" and "camel" rhyme in Hebrew. A special sticker was created saying: Tal's Smile Didn't Wither.

Her father also created a website to commemorate her life and asked people to colour Tal's Camel.

The following site has the most fantastic drawings you'll ever see of a camel:

If you have kids, or you have an artistic talent - go ahead, use it!

* You can read her
life's story here.



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